The Witchery of Archery

The Witchery of Archery written by Maurice Thompson in 1878 was the first book written in English, about hunting with a bow. It is actually a lovely read about this man's relationship with his bow. Chapter II, titled “OUTLINE SKETCH OF THE PRACTICE OF ARCHERY IN HUNTING,” opens with a poem. In fact his original poetry can be found through out the book. One of my most favorite sections in chapter II is as follows:


“Indeed, the lyre was suggested by the bow. Music and poetry sprang from our weapon. The bow it the old first lyre, the monochord, the initial rune of fine art and is as inseparably connected with the history of culture as the alphabets of the learned languages. The humanities grew out from archery as a flower from a seed. No sooner did the soft, sweet note of the bowstring charm the ear of genius than music was born, and from music came poetry and painting and sculpture.”



I bet you didn't know that music and developed from a bow did you. Or that Archery is the catalyst for such arts as painting and sculpture either? Reading this book has developed my relationship with archery is an entirely unforeseen way.

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