Saturday - Shoot with Sharon

I NEVER UNDERSTAND when I witness someone practicing shooting sports and it is terribly evident that they have never taken a professional class. The smallest thing - including your vocabulary will "out" you. If your lucky, the "out" would not result in a shooting injury or worse. Even if you have been shooting "all your life," in the military or “someone” has taught you how to shoot – the money spent from a professional shooting instructor is truly a life changing experience. 
SNA's Facebook page is listed as “sports instruction.” My entire life I have been an educator. Therefore, whatever interests, hobby, vocations I have undertaken has been proceeded by extensive study. In addition to my three different certifications in Archery – National Archery Association, National Archery in the Schools Program and National Bow Hunter Education Foundation Instructor – I also hold NRA Certifications in Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Range Safety Officer and Refuse to be a Victim and finally Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor. Especially, with these certifications I constantly seek opportunities to be a student.
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